SEE results out :17,580 score A plus

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corporatebazar – The Office of the Controller of Examinations today published the results of Grade X, also called Secondary Education Examination-2019, in letter grading system. The exams were held in March/April.

As many as 459,275 students, including 449,642 from academic and 9,633 from technical schools, took the exams under regular category. Out of them, 8,469 students were disqualified for low grades.

Under the Grade Point Average system, 2,792 students from community schools scored Grade A-plus (GPA 3.60 to 4), while 14,788 students of private schools scored the Grade A-plus.

Total number of students securing A-plus accounts for 3.8 per cent compared to 3.06 per cent last year.

As many as 39,914 students from private schools scored Grade A (GPA 3.20 to 3.60), while 90,445 students from community school scored Grade C (GPA 1.60 to 2.00). Only 133 students from private school scored Grade D (GPA 0.80 to 1.20), while 4,296 students from community schools scored the Grade D.

As many as 52,336 girls scored Grade C-plus  (GPA 2.00 to 2.40), while 45,789 boys got the same grade.Students taking the exams from community schools were almost three times higher than the students from private schools.

SEE  highlights
Letter Grading Community Schools Private Schools Total
N/A 6673 1796 8469
Grade D 4296 133 4429
Grade D Plus 42363 1478 43841
Grade C 90455 4862 95307
Grade C Plus 87442 10765 98207
Grade B 53730 22834 76564
Grade B Plus 26366 37375 63741
Grade A 11223 39914 51137
Grade A Plus 2792 14788 17580
Total 325330 133945 459275

A total of 325,330 students from community and 133,945 students from private schools sat for the exams.

The highest number of 105,006 students appeared in the examination from Province 3, while the lowest 32,966 students were from the far-flung Karnali Province.

Khaga Raj Baral, Secretary at Ministry of Education, Science and Technology said that the results were not satisfactory given the investment by all three tiers of governments and the public in school education.

“We found that over 80 per cent of students scored Grade D or less in subjects like mathematics, which is discouraging.”

Students not satisfied with the grading they received can apply for re-totalling within 15 days of the results.Students achieving Grade C or less in two subjects are also allowed for chance examinations.

The eighth amendment of Education Act, 2016, had stipulated the provision to include Grade IX to Grade XII in secondary education system, based on which the Grade X examinations have been conducted by OCE.

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