CEO Rijal leaving sahayogi vikas Bank from Ashad [interview]

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Mr. Binaya Rijal, MBA from Poona University, Maharashtra, INDIA has joined Nepal Bangladesh bank in 1997 as a Management Trainee. After completion of 13 years, he joined Civil Bank Limited as operation manager in 2010. He has 22 years of banking experience in different level and departments. He worked as CEO of Sahayogi Vikas Bank Limited since January 2018. He is versatile and friendly in nature. He is good singer and has played in Nepali movie too. Besides that, he is very good banker as known from the financial market.

When did you join Sahayogi Vikas Bank Limited as a CEO?

I joined this bank as a CEO, effective from on 1st of magh, 2074 or say from January, 2018.

What is the reason you decided to leave the bank so early?

I recognize there is a want and desire for changes from the Board members, especially from chairman. So, I have decided to leave.

There are almost 3 CEO’s been changed within 2 years. Why? 

Yes! This is also the demand of Board of directors and their desire. I am also surprise, what made them the reason for changes in short period. What is the cause of the change, It is not yet been understood clearly by myself even.

As come to know and understood, many staff are also leaving the bank soon?

It is true, many staff is also leaving just because of their personal growth. They had an opportunity to work with national level bank, and obviously  good staff will have such opportunities. It is happening in many banks too. So could not be surprising we felt high level of staff turnover in the Industry even, so as the same to my bank.

It has been heard that a good clients are also approaching for settlements of the loan, want to move from your bank. what you say?

It is homogeneous process, if clients find better options than they think of it. So few may switch from Sahayogi, but this will not have any huge impact, because we build very good relationship with the client along with services and facility in terms of pricing. Secondly, now bank is strong and has improved much in technical as well as product wise aspect. So, the clients’ movement may not be more and shall have huge effects as I believe.

It is been heard that you tried to reset work process, better culture and changes in the bank’s working environment.

It is often said that the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.  I gave my 100% to the concept for betterment of the bank. Similarly, I urged myself 24 hours for the development of the bank conditions. This however could not continue. I don’t regret.

What contributions you have given to the bank for its prosperity and growth.

My contribution was basically for 3 areas. Firstly in quality loan and advances. Secondly, for managing and downsizing the non-performing loan and third is to increase other income sources of the bank, which was totally neglect before I joined. Besides that, as of now, we maintain pricing, cost of fund and base rate comparatively better than today’s commercial bank. Side by side, I have contributed for developing technology, new products, expansion of the bank branches and also adding mobilization of resources as well as deployments perfectly. Within short span of time. I am able to placed the bank well-stand in the banking industry and rose the value of earning per share too in highest in same level bank.

It means the opportunity you have as a CEO in this bank is just reset, due to Board members and Chairman’s willingness.

I am proud of what I have given to the bank during my tenure, and what the bank achieved, and also equally disappointed about the board decision. I am sorry to say that, I had an agreement for 4 years term with absolute vision for the growth and development but could not work as schedule ever. Board is interested for short term high returns. So, I recognize this as a adverse concept adorns by the board members and by the decision makers.

How you feel, leaving this bank?

Naturally, you feel bad, when you have to leave those, either person or institute, where you have associated with, I gave my best for staff motivation, environment and business growth of the bank based on my 22 years banking experience. It is really sad for me to leave the bank which has just started to improve with many basic parameters and real scene of banking practices. I hope this sadden for all those who has minutely observing the growth of the bank in real scene. I supported and proven this bank to stand as best among development bank and ranked in top among 3 districts operating bank of Nepal. The only disappointing is I lose my dreams to make it in national level.

What is your Next step?

Hopefully, spending time with parents and with lovely daughters of mine for some time, before joining somewhere. I feel it’s time to take some break for few weeks.

Published – May 29, 2019 On: Nepal



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