Seven rope-fixing climbers scale Mt Everest two times as summit bids underway

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corporatebazar ,kathmandu – At least seven climbing Sherpas made it to the top of the world’s highest peak for the second time in the spring season this morning as over 150 world climbers continued their final summit pushes on Mt Everest, according to the expedition organisers.

According to Iswari Paudel, Managing Director at Himalayan Guides, highly experienced rope-fixing high-altitude climbers who stood atop Mt Everest for the second time this season include Siddhi Bahadur Tamang from Dolakha, Pasdawa Sherpa from Sankhuwasabha, Pasang Dawa Sherpa from Solukhumbu, Ang Phurba Sherpa, Dawa Nurbu Sherpa, Ming Dorchi Sherpa and Sangbu Bhote from Sankhuwasabha.

“The team reached the summit point while inspecting the route to the top of the world,” Paudel said, adding that the team has been assigned to fix the ropes from camp II to the summit point this season. Dorji Gyaljen Sherpa, another member of the rope-fixing team from Sankhuwasabha, had already made it to the top of Mt Everest for the second time guiding a renowned British climber Kenton Cool. The team had opened a climbing route to the summit point on May 14.

The members and climbing Sherpas of the Madison Mountaineering Expedition led by Garrett Madison also scaled Mt Everest this morning, he said.

Alexander Pancoe and Sophie Hilaire from US, Greg Johnson from UK, Roman Tschupp from Switzerland, Lydur Gudmundsson and Leifer Svavarsson from Iceland and Rob Smith from Northern Ireland among others from the Adventure Consultants also scaled the mountain this morning, Paudel added.

Gyanendra Shrestha, a liaison officer at the Everest base camp, said more than 150 climbers were on their way to summit point this morning after they found a second weather window on Mt Everest.

Meanwhile, the world climbers have continued their summit pushes on Mt Everest from the Tibetan side after a rope-fixing team of climbers from Climbalaya Treks and Expedition opened a climbing route to the summit yesterday.

“Valentyn Sypavin, Pavel, Ekaterina Klenova, Vitalii , Kozubskyi, Pavlo Sydorenko, Catherine Marcelle Rosa Vulliez, Kuntal, Parth Upadhyaya along with Dawa Tenzing Sherpa, Chhiring Wangchu Sherpa, Nima Nuru Sherpa, Mingma nuru Sherpa, Gyaluk Sherpa, Phurba Sherpa and Mingma Nuru Sherpa scaled Mt Everest from the Tibetan side this morning,” Mingma Sherpa, Managing Director at Climbalaya Treks and Expeditions, said.

Published – May 23, 2019 On: Nepal

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